Follow him on his physical and psychological journey to the Mr Universe contest, and enjoy some rare behind-the-scenes footage of this momentous competition.

This is your chance to find out the secret of his commitment to diet and training and gain some top hints and training tips from the master himself. Dave talks about USN supplements and how they have helped him gain his winning muscular physique. He also pays tribute to those who have supported him on his way to the top.

86 minutes of riveting viewing - available soon via the USN website

Look out for USN’s first ever DVD – Road to the Universe - featuring one of the UK’s No 1 competitive bodybuilders Dave Titterton.

Winner of the NABBA Mr Universe Class 1* in 2009 and proud holder of the current NABBA Mr Britain title, Dave T verges on legendary in today’s sport of bodybuilding, and this DVD tells you just how he’s managed to achieve such heights.