It’s time to reveal the person who has been instrumental in my recent success. He puts me through a gruelling regime of diet and exercise but is always there to give me psychological and emotional support.

My trainer – Ken Roscoe

I first met Ken five years ago at the Nabba Britain and four years later we started working together. I felt that to take my physique to the next level and to start winning major titles I must improve on my conditioning - something that Ken excels at. We met up for a chat at the start of this year and got straight to work. Ken has been involved in body building for twenty years and in that time every competitor he has helped regardless of age, size or genetics have been without fail the most ripped competitor on stage.

Ken is my nutritionist, friend and mentor. To be honest, I consider him family. Ken runs Food-Tech, a supplement distribution company. He is respected enormously in the bodybuilding community because he is straight about supplements and will only recommend products he truly believes in. His knowledge is vast, he speaks his mind and is brutally honest – all qualities that I appreciate and respect. He is totally supportive and is the major driving force in my diet and training programmes. It is his eye for perfection that has made all the difference.

Thank you Ken – I couldn’t have done it without you mate! And to Aunty Jan, his long suffering wife, for making our family so welcome in their home.