USN - Ultimate Sports Nutrition

Joining USN has given me a fantastic opportunity not only to use what I consider to be the best supplements on the market, but to work with a highly motivated team of people that have such a refreshing outlook on bodybuilding, sport and nutrition.

One of my favourite USN supplements is the Pure Protein IGF-1 – nothing else touches this low carb engineered protein shake which helps to build extra lean muscle. I also use the 100% Whey Protein immediately after training. It’s the quickest absorbent and drives protein straight into the body and into the muscular cells. Every day my protein intake is 1.5gm per lb of lean body weight and in season, I take 380 gms per day. Then there is BCAA - the Branched-Chain amino acids which I take before and after training. These are fantastic at reducing muscle breakdown and ensuring instant muscle recovery. A particular favourite are the 19 Anabol Testo capsules – maximum strength testosterone inducers which provide that extra driver to increase my muscle mass and strength.

The importance of bodybuilding supplements cannot be underestimated. They are essential for building muscle mass, reducing body fat, improving performance and providing the right nutrients for the repairing process between training sessions. But above all, sticking to the right diet has to be the most important consideration for a successful bodybuilder.

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